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Thinking along the lines of my last post, I decided to focus on something fun and upbeat for today – and something timely that may help out any readers over the weekend.

Most of you know that Easter is coming up. I personally am not very religious (worth nothing, though, that J goes to Catholic School and is being taught some VERY religious values – more on that another time), but Easter is an old holiday that goes beyond Christianity anyway, and represents the fun, joyous excitement of spring. Also sex, but let’s leave that out this time.

In the spirit of some Easter fun, I decided to look up some crafty-type things to do. One of the best things I’ve done so far with J was decorate the Christmas tree and hand paint an ornament (though she wound up writing “God loves Santa, Santa loves God” next to a bunch of snowmen……)

Anyway, so here are some Easter crafts I found on the great wide web – we’ll be doing ours tonight, as we won’t be seeing her this weekend (despite a request to have her tomorrow – can’t resist a witchy, wicked dig). Perhaps I’ll post some pics of ours next week!

SOCK BUNNIES (courtesy of A Creative Cookie)

You will need:


  • Fill the socks with beans/rice halfway up (or however tall you want your bunny to be) – toe down, obviously.
  • A little bit above the top of the beans/rice, wrap a rubber band tightly.
  • Take a ribbon and tie lower down to differentiate the body and head.
  • Use your permanent marker to draw the face on the bunny.
  • On the flap above the rubber band, cut it into ear shapes.
  • Glue a cotton ball on the back for a tail.

EGG CARTON CHICKS (courtesy of Paper, Plate, and Plane)

You will need:

  • Empty cardboard egg carton
  • Tape or Glue
  • Yellow paint
  • Small paint brushes or cotton balls
  • Black marker
  • Yellow and orange cardstock/construction paper
  • Throwaway tablecloth / newspapers (paint and kids can be a deadly combo for your tables)


  • Cut your egg carton apart into individual cups.
  • Glue or tape 2 cups together on one side and repeat (I found that taping horizontally along the back, then taping vertically over top of it worked the best). You want to be able to open the chick’s mouth a little bit, but without snapping the whole thing apart.
  • Use the brushes or cotton balls to paint the cups yellow.
  • While drying, cut 12 small orange triangles in your cardstock/construction paper, 12 small yellow triangles in your cardstock/construction paper, and – if you want to get really fancy – 12 feet (or just double your orange triangles and call it a day, which sounds WAY more reasonable to me).
  • Open the chick cartons and glue/tape one yellow triangle on each side of the bottom cup to stick out like wings. While still open, glue the orange triangles sticking out (on the top and bottom cups) like a beak. Check out the link above for a picture of what that should look like, because that is REALLY awkward to describe.
  • Tape/glue your feeties on (aka, weird looking triangle feet because there’s no way I’m cutting out those tiny perfect feet shapes).
  • Use your marker to create eyes on the front of your chick.

Since the 2nd task requires paint drying, might be a good call to paint the chicks first and then work on the bunnies. If you only wanted to do one of these, I thought you could adapt the carton craft to make bunnies – using purple paint, purple/pink construction paper for ears/hands/feet, and cotton balls/pom poms for tails.

I never fancied myself much of a craft person, but I’ve found that J really likes them and gets very invested – she has a blast, and it makes it a lot of fun. I also hope it’s a good bonding thing for us, and that she starts to see me as a creative person that she can express herself around. That might just be wishful thinking.

Anyway, until next time, stay not-so-wicked, stepmothers.

How I feel when craft sites ask me to cut any ridiculously tiny crafty pieces. Seriously, what are you thinking?


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I'm a twenty-something woman living in NYC working in the nonprofit sector, learning to thrive in the Big Apple while balancing my new life as a (quasi) stepmother.

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